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MTB trials Ayato Kumura


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How he can ride that head angle is beyond belief. The bike must feel so strange.

I wonder if he already had the frame / bike for another discipline, and then figured out it worked well. At 1k a frame it's an expensive experiment if not!

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11 minutes ago, marg26 said:

Okay on to the important stuff: why has he got inner tube wrapped around the rear hub? It's not like a chainstay that gets slapped by the chain repeatedly.

I assumed he’s running a prototype of some sort?

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On 2/8/2022 at 2:23 PM, bikeperson45 said:

Trials really seems to look much cooler on bikes that aren't trials bikes

I built recently a street trial bike based on a octane 01 spark DJ/park frame. It is so versatile, it is a lot of fun. Manuals, bunny, rotations... A lot of tricks are much easier than with a comp bike. TGS are more difficult, but when you are riding street, you don't care that much.

When I am riding my pure comp bike, I really miss the rolling aspect of riding. But it is a nice device to train and to have fun in a different way.

I think street trial bikes will continue to evolve and merge with park/pumptrack bikes. The only part missing is a gear system that is not exposed.

I really enjoy this video, nice riding!

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Thats my thoughts, i wanted somthing that i can pedal to a location, and have some fun along the way, it was supposed to be a cheap little build, but working in a bike shop its soon spiralling out of control, not helped by the fact we have one of the new santa cruz frames on the way next month

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