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Downtube protector


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I will soon get the new Jealousy and after damaging my brand new one, I don't want to repeat the experience. Does anyone know of a good downtube protector I can use that can handle the abuse of trials? I have seen Charlie Rolls using one but I don't know which one.

Thanks for your help.

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can't really help you but I have the same question for a cleep2 in 26".

I saw Jistie produces one downtube protector but not sure if it fits.

Tarty sells also this one

It seems to fit the 20" version of the cleep 2, but my 26" is 64mm wide and the protector won't fit.

I was also envisaging to make my own using some kind of fibers (carbon, glass, etc.), but I have no experience with.

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