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Searching for an old disc brake prototype


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Morning all,


this is a bit of a random post as I’m having trouble finding the topic. 

A fair few years ago, there was a photo of a disc brake prototype knocking around where the disc was attached to the rim rather than the hub (pretty much the same diameter of the rim). Very unique design which I’m pretty sure most people on here would remember. 

Does anyone happen to have a link/the photo of this stashed away?


Thanks for any help,


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There was also these Ruthless prototype:Here

I found this pic too:


but to be honest, now with the current disc brakes, I think the problem to address is no longer the power, but more the play due to the brakepads.

So a bigger diameter of rotor .. I don't know. And now there are 220mm disc rotors available (for downhill use)e9408c71810645ef8969d7cc1e5324f7.jpg

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