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Please give me the best way or say easy way to tire-tap 180/360 drop on ledge....


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I am still struggling on this and often confused. I am right foot forward, and trackstand with bars turning to left. 

should it be a small pedal kick then turn to left?
double hop then turn left?
pull front turn left?
or I am too old for this?

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If you mean the 360 nose drop thing, what clicked it for me is to get good at steep 180 pivots, then when I'm doing it over a ledge I do a pivot faster than normal and move my bodyweight upwards/pull the bars up and the rotation will come naturally.

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Your technique looks ok, but i think you just need to commit a bit more as well as using your knee's a bit more throughout.

Things to try:

  • raise your front pedal a little more to allow you to put a bit more power down through the pedal to get to the tap.
  • Crouch down more as you land on the edge then jump out pulling your knees up / pushing your arms up and out to give the bike some height. The more height you have the easier the rotation should come around.

My personal technique is slightly different as I don't kick my pedal to get into the tap. I pull my front wheel up and round (technically i hop both wheels, but the back only comes off the ground a little bit) and my back wheel lands on the wall almost parallel with where it was on the wall (where the kick you tend to move forwards toward being where the bottom bracket was). Then continue with "crouch down more...." from the above sentences.


Hope that makes some sense. 


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