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*update* I've done it again, and likely won’t be doing it again..


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well it turns out that removable drop outs are not the one for a trials bike, so I sold the identity and built a trek ticket. 

took it for one ride, f**ked my back so hard I’ve spent three days in agony on the floor had ambulance out and I’m loaded on pain killers, given that I never want to experience pain like that this again, I will sadly be saying good bye to this bike, no more I don’t think. Pretty sad about the whole thing. 




So, after i think 4/5 years since i owned my last trials bike which was a Breeth 26" UCI jobby?
After 6 weeks of trying to understand modern trials geometry i decided that it could get in the f**king sea, and new bikes suck.

Recently noticed how much fun i'm having on my MTB just larking around at the bottom of trails, and darting off if i see a rock or wall to crash in to i decided i should build a more suitable bike for said larking.

i didn't fancy a full dedicated trials bike, working in a MTB orientated store i found the parts to be to niche and couldn't bear the thought if paying full price :tongue: So operation mid life crisis began.
One of the few types bikes i've never had the privilege to own are the ones i grew up watching, the MTB converted trials bike, thinking Norco, Schwinn, Cannondale

The idea i could, raise the seat and pedal somewhere, and even change gears really appealed to me, and after recently discovering Ayato Kimuras videos i was set and began the ridiculous task of trying to build a bike in 2022 when there are buggar all parts and suppliers basically laugh at you when you ask for dates.  

I'm lucky enough to work in a santa cruz store and really wanted to get my hands on a jackal frame, but once again was let down with late deliveries, after some digging it seemed a 4X frame would be more suitable for me than a dedicated jump frame, (longer, shorter back end, low stand over, mech hanger option) so i opted for a good old identity Dr jekyll, which is sort of a nice as i always wanted one of the big ugly ones when i was kid.

Its not quite finished yet, the chainring situation will be changed out for an inspired 22T soon(Dw i've got a bash guard now), need to chop the steerer down and add a few more tweaks, but its a hoot and after a quick ride i can confirm its a f**king great big smile machine.

and yes it taps. 

This image is from the evening we built it, i'll get some more once its "finished"

Just waiting on the jackal frame now.. 



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Nice build!(Y)



I tried something similar with different frames and I think the major issues for trials moves are the low bottom bracket and the length of the chainstays (on a 4x), but it depends what is your goal.

  • 10 years ago I had a GT Moto, I used it to ride trails but also do some street and some trial moves with. It has quite long chainstays (425mm if I recall correctly) and it was fine for the time being.
  • Later I went for a Commencal Absolut, with 395mm chainstays, a telescopic seat post, only one cog but coupled to a Truvativ Hammerschmidt. So I had two gears and I was riding trails with. It was really difficult to ride on a trail due the short chainstays and the rear wide rim (>40mm). It was my winter trails/jibby bike. Did not appreciate it that much and I sold the frame quickly.
  • I tried a similar build but with a Sunn Forestjump 4x frame, with 415mm chainstays and a narrower rim (left over parts). It was OK on the trails and on the pumptrack and I could do some trials moves, but was not so funny or efficient on the pumptrack though. Overall a good bike.
  • Recently I build a Mondraker Dualen (the last version), with gears on a Hope Pro IV. The aim was a pumptrack, street/trial bike I can use when I go to a new location for example. I used it two years ago to scout around Milan and ride the amazing pumptrack there (in Lainate, if you have the opportunity go check it out!). It is a blast in pumptrack (I am almost scared of this bike :D) but was a little to hard to ride in street/trials, the bottom bracket is really low. 
  • Eventually, I tried to build a bike to some street or street/trials, do some rounds on the pumptrack or hit some small lines in the skatepark (not really my cup of tea). I ended up with the Octane01 in this thread:This might be the most fun bike I ever owned. It is not the fastest bike on the pumptrack and it is a little too heavy for street/trials. But such a fun ride! Even more with the front suspension


So I think you made the right choice for the kind of riding you plan.


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Thanks for the advice dude, 

mines a very weird sort of build and my colleagues having zero trials background can’t fathom the 70mm stem I slapped on there, I’m very aware it’s to short and not the ideal bike, but it’s great fun and easily the best bike I’ve ever had the privilege of wheeling which is an accolade in its self.

it’s a toy, albeit an expensive one but for now I love it. 

finger a crossed @Al_Felwill let me swap it for his Xlite one day

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I had a 50mm stem first on the Octane01 and but switching to a higher 70mm stem made a huge difference. 


Current competition and street/trial bikes are amazing, but one can't commute or do some long rides anymore with this kind of bikes.

When I ride with my street/trial, I often missed the feeling of speed. A 4x/dirt based build is more versatile and a lot of fun.

I look forward to see Ali C. riding his dirt bike build. Hopefully his vlog is coming soon. 


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  • Davetrials changed the title to *update* I've done it again, and likely won’t be doing it again..

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