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Canyons trials bike is available to buy


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Probably won't be good for us because it'll show the other brands that these bikes don't sell. That's only because this one is a bad example. The proportions are all wrong, the geo is way too mild and the colors make it look like a Jitsie knockoff.  Danny's Santa Cruz would be a better candidate as a bike, but who knows; Fabio can move a lot of product...

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3 hours ago, Davetrials said:

can only be good for the sport!


Imagine how good it could have been if they put any effort into it.


Those rotors have movement between the braking surface and carrier, not something you want on a trials bike.

SRAM Descendant 6K

There's a reason Inspired don't use the 6K alloy version of those cranks on trials bikes.

KMC X11-93
Durable 11-speed chain with nickel-plated outer links. The precision-manufactured KMC Double X Bridge, combined with specially chamfered inner and outer plates, keep the chain running super-smooth and guarantee fast, clean gear changes.

Sounds... ideal?

Canyon GP0361-01
This chainguard keeps the chain securely on the chainring.

In depth subject knowledge ahoy.


Copied the Inspired tensioner system, but then decided to add a chain retention hoop on the jockey wheel, making it ballache to drop the chain off to take your wheel in and out, whilst adding no benefit? Sweet 36-click DT Swiss hub to go with it too. 


It just seems to me that the compromises in spec due to maximising profit margins/not understanding the discipline/not caring/a combination of these things mean that I'm not sure it's going to give a great experience to the end user. A lot of comments are mentioning how expensive it is, so paying a lot for a niche bike only to then have to immediately change parts on it (mainly the rotors) isn't really ideal, and probably won't help those riders new to trials stick with it. The 'good' thing is that judging from the claimed frame weight they've beefed it up quite a lot, so at least that might last and be a decent basis to upgrade on if you like the geo.

It would have been better for trials if they'd used their size and resources to create a good quality, affordable, entry level bike rather than making a mediocre top-of-the-range-framekit-with-shit-build-kit. I get why they did - they've spent a lot on the moulds for the frame and fork for Fabio, so to try and recoup that cost they've punted some bikes out, it's just a pity that they apparently spent more time considering the paintjob than the parts they were going to put on it.

Realistically I don't see any other brand getting into trials at this stage. It's almost impossible getting hold of their normal product lines, so rolling the dice with trials stuff now just isn't going to be worth it and might just be fully unworkable for them from a production capability stand-point. I expect that that's partially why Marin aren't doing anything more than that one-off frame for Duncan. Equally, I think most of them are getting into trials riders simply for marketing rather than wanting to support trials per se. Danny and Fabio both came with huge audiences already, so it's a goldmine for any brand that can get hold of that and then leverage it. If Danny decided to never ride a trials bike again, Santa Cruz wouldn't be too upset, and I expect it'd be the same for Fabio and Duncan with their respective sponsors too. It means fewer "Look at our rider ride in our office/warehouse/factory!" videos, but means they're just pushing bikes they can actually sell.

EDIT: Only just realised in that big photo of the tensioner how properly budget they went with that. My my. Considering it costs more than the Inspired hanger + tensioner, that's insane. See also: £65 rear sprocket and spacers. £23.95 basic top cap and bolt.

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I bought a full sus XC bike from Canyon in 2012 so it's a no from me :-D

As well as thinking most Canyons look ugly, and most carbon bikes look ugly.

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4 hours ago, Mark W said:

It would have been better for trials if they'd used their size and resources to create a good quality, affordable, entry level bike rather than making a mediocre top-of-the-range-framekit-with-shit-build-kit. 

This. It would’ve been really cool to see a £1000 to £1500 alloy bike with the Fabio name as a draw to a wider audience into Trials but alas no. 
I was thinking this might be able to engage some new riders (and it probably will to a certain extent) however riders used to dropping this sort of cash expect a bike to perform especially as it’s ‘Rigid’ so it should be mint right? For that money? Surely? 

Problem is as Mark says there are some really half arsed / totally wide of the mark parts choices that anyone who buys into this will quickly realise are inappropriate or just plain dangerous for actual Trials riding (cheap star ratchet hubs notoriously sluggish engagement and when they skip….).

Trials riders will immediately pick out the faults, MTB riders will quickly realise its flawed and be a bit miffed at spending that cash. All the while the grassroots of the market are wondering when their entry budget will buy more than a snickers.




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Amazing. An entry level Inspired will work much better for one third of the price.


One problem with this kind of brands is that the customer is only buying a specs sheet.

They don't care whether the build makes sens or if the build quality is good, they just want the most expensive products for the less money.

The kind of customer that ride a 170mm 29" high pivot long slack enduro bikes on trails that are neither fast nor steep nor rough, but with a lot of turns. Cause the bike has all the cool features one can find in a pinkbike article.

Maybe Canyon is targeting this audience. So they need to read "dt swiss", Magura MDR, DUB in the spec sheet.


We are really lucky that trials has brands like Inspired or Crewkerz.


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I wonder how much input Fabio had/was given to the build? Some odd choices and personally I’d be pretty adamant for my signature bike to be as practical as possible. It makes me suspect he was limited with the spec choice if he did have input

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That's a hefty price. Wonder who the intended market is for that.

Having that as a signature version and a more hmm approachable version available too might be nice.

Wonder why they went for carbon as well. Trials bikes are expensive, carbon bikes are expensive... Carbon trials bikes..? Lol

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On 4/23/2022 at 2:34 AM, Revolver said:

Wonder why they went for carbon as well. Trials bikes are expensive, carbon bikes are expensive... Carbon trials bikes..? Lol

I assume it's a similar exercise to the Santa Cruz one, in a "Look what we're capable of!" sense. The cost of creating it will be a drop in the ocean to them (€416m in sales in 2020/21...), but getting their big name team rider on a unique bike is a pretty good branding exercise.

I imagine the intended market are the same people who are happy to pay €50 for a Sick Series long sleeve T. There are plenty of kids out there with parents with deep wallets it seems. His signature Canyon Torque sold out pretty quickly so I expect there'll be a decent uptake for this from that same crowd, but there possibly won't be quite as much appeal beyond that group just because of the price of it, and how focused a trials bike is in comparison to something like a Torque.

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