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PADS: Heatsink Batch C's. (the blue ones)

TIME USED: Around 3 weeks.



BRAKE USED: 04 Magura, Carbonique booster and bled with water.

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF GOOD WORKING BRAKE: Doesn't slip when backwheeling or gapping, but with nice modulation.

OTHER PADS USED: Heatsink batch A and B. Monty Hydras, Planet x sticky pads ( blink:) Koolstops and Black Magura pads.

REVIEW: When I first put these pads on they worked really well, even in the wet. They didn't wear down very fast, but after about a week they started to go downhill. The ends went all round, the lever started to feel really spongy. Then the pad material started to come out of the backings so I bought some rubber glue from B&Q but that didn't work!

Overall I didn't like the pads one single bit. :closedeyes: Sorry Steve!

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PADS: Rim Jam Blue

TIME USED: Around 3 weeks.

RIM USED: Mavic 521 CD


BRAKE USED: 04 Magura, Shimano Carbon Booster, Goodridge hose

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF GOOD WORKING BRAKE: Doesn't slip, not too grabby as i ride street.

OTHER PADS USED: Koolstops for about 6 months, Planet x stickys for about a day (but for ages on the front V brake they are very good on a front Cd rim!!!!), plazmatic crm's for 3 years

REVIEW: I was really doubtful about pads that in reality are much cheaper than plazmatics. I was also worried about how the lever would feel with a softer pad. However i shouldnt have been! Lever feel is really nice!! Whilst Plaz's are either grabby or do not work, the blue Rim Jams are not grabby at all, but have massive hold and very good modulation. They have not slipped on me once, getting up or gapping and once they start to fade (which takes much longer than plaz's) they come back to life with a little water and a quick ride around. I can see that on a soft rim they would be much grabbier, but on the cd they suit me down to the ground. On a relevant note my friend james bought the red ones at the same time. He runs them on a CD521 and so we can directly compare the two compounds. The lever feel is still reasonably firm but the instant bite is much more apparent. So there you have it more bite = red, good hold with more modualtion then blue. I recommend them both, .

james ripped the red ones out of the backing and has return to plazmatics, mine are still going strong...

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Pads: Koxx Bloxx

Time used: 1.5-2 months

Rim used: PLANET X BMF (N) plus Onza/Alex 20"

Grind: Yes

Brake used:

Used on 2 standard magura set ups, one on my Zebdi Mk5 with V booster and Mag steel booster, the other on my TMAG 2001 mod with NO booster.

What is your opinion of a working brake:

A working trials brake, for me, for the rear especially is a brake which locks and holds under stress/ locks up quickly.

How do they compare to previous pads you have used:

Similar stopping power to all pads i have used on a ground rear rim, Monty Clears, Magura Black, OLD version ORANGE plaz pads, Megamo agent orange.

However, they wear 4x slower than mag blacks and double that for the rest. e.g. 1:4:8 pad wear ratio, 1 being koxx bloxx, 4 being mag black, 8 being the other aforementioned.


Koxx bloxx:

Lock and hold under most levels of stress encountered from my amateur level trials riding.

Lock up reasonably quickly, but not as quick/responsive as softer pads e.g. Monty Clear.

Wear at a slow rate on my ground rims, both a BMF and Onza/Alex, plus the grinds were harsh.

(Onzaboymark, n.b. addition to pad review format)

Recommended (if yes/no, why?):



They hold well even under high amounts of breaking stress, they wear slowly over a period of months, they lock up reasonably quickly.

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Pads: Heatsink Batch C (not prototypes)

Time used: 4 weeks

Rim used: Koxx Gold Rim 19"

Grind: Worn

Ceramic: No

Brake used: Magura HS33 2004

What is your opinion of a working brake: A brake which holds your wheel(s) firm and super hard when the lever is pulled, and releases immediately when the lever is released.

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: Old Koolstops do not compare

Tar: Worn out bit embedded in grind


I got these pads from Mr Spurgeon a few weeks ago, I think I may have got one of the first pairs of Batch C's to be publically released. Right, the pads when they came had about 8 or so mm of material on the backing, I had to cut it down to about 3.5mm to fit my Bike's Rear end. They give a nice and strange squirming squeak, not at all like the traditional loud squeal that most pads make. On my setup, these pads do not slip at all, they grip firmly and hold it hard. These pads were designed intentionally for Tryall/Koxx Rims which are made of soft aluminium. I have used these in the pouring rain and muddy conditions when I am doing North Shore trails Trials-style.

Simply excellent pads for a bargain price. Magura's own pads don't compare, Koxx Bloxx aren't as good, Rimjam Red's are extremely close behind though.


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Pads: ZOO! Pads

Time used: ~3 weeks

Rim used: Echo Mod (cnc lathed)

Grind: Brushed at the factory

Ceramic: No

Brake used: Magura HS33 w/ new model brake lever

What is your opinion of a working brake: For rear on-off full lock grip is desired.

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: Monty X-Hydra (short orange) pads have quite good grip but wear rate is poor with TAR, Monty very old Clear pads are squeaky yet offer only average lock and they wear very fast with grind altough they are not the softest, KOXX BLOXX are very good on ground but they eat the grind fast and suck on smooth/tar, the Magura Blacks are shite on every surface compared to everything.

Tar: Very slight amount of new and good quality tar


These pads work quite well even on smooth and clean rim. I sacrificed modulation for über lock on and add very slight tar on smooth rim. Nice lock on, nice hold, no slipping at all BUT very squeaky! Official trials noice brake pads.

These are of very soft compound and are will not last long with ground.

Edited by Da Make

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PADS: Rim jam reds (front) Rim jam Blues (Back)

TIME USED: About 6 hours

RIM USED: 20" Crappy onza ones


BRAKE USED: Two magura HS33 2004


OTHER PADS USED: Black magura and magura kool stops

REVIEW: They both have brillant hold, Front feels a bit spongy but nice, blues are very nice on a smooth rim with loads of hold and a good lock. Had the reds on the back for a while before I brought the blues, was very spongy but with a good lock.

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Heatsink Batch C

Pads : Heatsink Batch C

Time Used : Month

Rim Used : Grind: Yes Always

Ceramic Nope

Brake Used : Hs33 04 lever Try all Booster

What is your opinion of a working brake ? :Very grappy will hold when fiting on the edge of a pointed rock.

Rim Used ; Try all Rim.

How do they compare with previous pads They are not as grabby as koxx bloxx but hold well.Better than kool stops and monty short pads.

Review : I first put these pads in after grinding my rim and settign them up,at first there was no squeak at all,but then afrter a few miuntes there was a slushy sort of sqeeak,I went out and rode that night street as it happens and the pads seemed great biting and holding well,i got home from riding and could see abit of pad wear rate but i was happy with the pads...............

The next day i went riding natural up shipley glen and the pads seemed very poor,they wasnt holding on the rocks at all and were detereating......

I think these pads are awsome for a streety rider but for the natural riding stick with the blue heatsinks,also though my freind has sum of these pads on a onza ronnie rim and they work fine,Maybe it it just my try all rim. (Y)

The blue heatsink pads seem to be the best for wear rate and everything,they are the all round best pad.


Edited by Mr Koxx

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Brake Pads Being used : Coust Pads

Time you have used them for : 3 weeks

Grind? : Grind: Yes Always

Ceramic Nope

Brake Used : Hs33 04 lever Try all Booster

Your Ideal working brake :Very grappy will hold when fiting on the edge of a pointed rock.

Rim Pads Are On Try all Rim.

Compared To Other Pads They are the grabbiest pad i have well on a grinded rim,as good as koxx bloxx,last longer on a grind,

Review I first put these pads in after grinding my rim and settign them up,and straight away there was a nice loud braking sound and good grab,after playin about ont back street with the pads i got that feeling liek you do when your brake is mint,"Shit hot" lets go ride,ive been riding with these pads since grinded once,they still work pretty well when rim grind has worn but are at their best when you have a very good grind these pads are very grabby but dont hold as good as koxx being that they are on a shorter backing.

The grinds stay on these pads alot longer than with the koxx bloxx i found which is good being that you dont have to rape your rim before every ride and you get a lot more life out of your rims!!!!!!!


Edited by Mr Koxx

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ok. so being and EX trials rider now, this doesnt really fit in that well to the review section. however, i just wana give some of you wallride and manual masters as glimpse of how these pads worked for me :P

Pads: Heatsink vee's

Time used: 3 4to5 hour sessions (Street and Park)

Rim used: Rhino Lite 24

Grind: Nope (small amount of pollish)

Ceraminc: nah

Brake used: diatech hombre u (with gyro) and tektro shorty lever

What is your opinion of a working brake: a brake that feels sharp at the lever and grips when i need it. must not be too grippy though (obv for manuals etc)

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: when i first put these pads on i was quite suprised in both ways. 1 because the lever felt just as sharp as the hombre green pads i was useing before (which are much harder compound than these) and 2 because i didnt really notice much differene in braking performance. i did, however, notice that my brake uttered a small 'eek' as it locked so i decided to leave them on. after riding my local park for about 2 hours performing lots of manuals and stals to 'bed' the pads in further i was stunned. the pads provided me with incredible stopping power when i needed it on a completely smooth rim. they also kept quiet as a mouse when i aplied pressure while manualing which is exactly what i was looking for. after riding for around 12 hours the pads are nicely bedded in and offer me maximum security and little to no pad wear.

all i can say is thank you heatsink! (well worth the wait :P )

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PADS: Zoo! pads

TIME USED: a few days of riding.... 100hrs of hard use... natural style riding

RIM USED: Rear---onza ronnie rim

GRIND?: no

BRAKE USED: rear 4 bolt magura '04, with an echo 4-bolt booster

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION OF GOOD WORKING BRAKE: something with bite that can hold under my weight pressure

OTHER PADS USED: koolstops, black magura pads, plazmatic crms

REVIEW: they worked SH*te loads better than the crms, even mor bite and hold:o

it was just unbelievable to have some working pads for once. also when i did apply tar, they accepted it, unlike the crm's, and became even loader and better bite and hold. but they didnt stick like tar does normally. they still are loud on a clean rim, but work ACE:o with some tar.

they just look a little longer to bed in on this particular rim than the koxx/try-all un.

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Pads: Heatsink (Translucent) Vee Pads

Time Used: 10 hrs

Rim Used: Nope

Brake Used: Avid SD7 Lever, Cane Creek DC2 Calliper, Odyssey Brake Line Cable, XTR Booster

what is your opinion of a working brake? : A Solid feeling brake which can easily hold my weight with no slipping and can be modulated

Rim Used : Sun Rhyno Lite XL

How do they compare with previous pads: A lot more grabby than my Kool Stop Salmon Compound Pads, but they do have less modulation (I used the Kool Stops for two years so I am still getting used to modulation my Heatsink) but they aren’t totally on off.

Review: When I first got the pads, the first thing I did was hacksaw some groves in them, for better wet weather performance. I was impressed by the build quality of them. The backing where polished nicely and the pads were glued in neatly.

I rode with them on Sunday at glen, but I am total discounting that day as my rim was f**ked (so bent) that it was impossible to get them set up correctly and I had a crap day

So Monday, a new day and a new wheel build. At first they felt quite mushier than my kool stops, but firmed up after a ¾ an hour and felt pretty much as solid as vee gets; with than slight movement you get from housing compression and cables! There was some light rain that didn’t affect the brake at all (but a full on ride in the rain is needed). The hold was great and night.

I rode to work on Tuesday morning and it had been raining the night before and it was occasionally drizzling, went through a few puddles and stuff. And at work did a few backhops and gaps to kerbs, the brake was still grabby and still felt solid, but wasn’t quite as grabby, it looks promising for wet weather riding, but obviously a full test is needed!

Rode Dewsbury that evening and did some big gaps (for me) between a few benches, definitely felt more powerful and more confident. I was pleased to find that despite getting mucky rims and pads on the ride to work, that after work it was all working exactly the same as the night before, with no cleaning! Got bored at Dewsbury so set up this gap to forty five degree slope and was trying to make the brake slip on by landing to slop and holding it on the back wheel, I couldn’t but I only weigh 10 stone.

Wednesday was just a general ride in Leeds, did a few decent gap drops from a wall to some pallets and had enough confidence in the brake to hold me on the back wheel when landing.

So, overall I am pleased with these pads and the performance has given me increased confidence going to and holding it on the back wheel. The modulation is decent, but I still need to get used to them.

I will edit this if I have any problems with them or have a ride in a decent amount of rain! I obviously cannot comment on wear yet because I have had them for bugger all time to comment on that.


Edited by leedstrials

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Pads: Cousts

Time used: About 2 weeks

Rim used: Ronnie

Grind: Yes

Ceraminc: No

Brake used: Magura

What is your opinion of a working brake: Something that locks on and holds perfectly. Although i like a little bit of modulation.

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: Extremely good

Review: Never thought I'd use anything other than CRM's, but thought I'd give Coust's a blast. Got them and rode for about 5 minutes and they had an immense sound and were about as good as my Plazzies. Nowaday's it's perfect always there when you need it! Best pad's I've had!

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PADS: Heatsink batch B's (white pads 2005)

TIME USED: Few weeks

RIM USED: (onza tmag wheel)

GRIND: Old Warn (just put a fresh one on yesterday 25/03/2005)


BRAKE USED: magura four bolt, standard lever, bled with water with Echo 2bolt and try-all boosters.

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON A GOOD WORKING BRAKE: Something which holds in all weathers, and pads which don't wear down super fast

HOW DO THEY COMPARE WITH OTHER PADS YOU'VE USED: By far the best pads ive used! (ive used... koxx bloxx, viz pads, magura blacks, kool stops.)

REVIEW: When i first saw these pads for real, i was amazed, they just had so much pading, also i noticed that these pads had been excellently made, i couldnt tell any difference between these and say proper manufactured pads like koxx bloxx. Well, as soon as i fitted the pads onto my bike they worked emediatly and straight away did everything i could have wanted... As time went on the pads just became better and better.

Ive tried the pads on my warn grind. Ive tried them with applying abit of tar, and also on a fresh grind, on all of these surfaces these pads just please me so much!

I havnt noticed any wear on the pads either, theyre superb! Will definatly consider purchasing some more unless some new pads come out which are EVEN BETTER.

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Pads: Rim jam Blues

Time used: about 20 hours

Rim used:Onza Ronnie

Grind: No

Ceraminc: No

Brake used: Magura, with rb booster and a water bleed, and a tiny smidgin of tar

What is your opinion of a working brake:Something that locks and dosent slip, but also releases quickly

Previous pads: monty x-lites/x-hydras(on a grind), kool stops

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: better then Kool stops and tar, better then monty x-lites and tar.

Review: These pads work emense on a clean rim, have a good hold and not to spongey, They offer good bite aswell. at first i was a bit skeptical of them as they apreared to be something made from a pencil rubber or something, but then once put on and set up i had a quick ride and they are great pads. Not loud and annoy the nieghbours, but where holding well on the curbs edges(i know its not a great height but its the best i could find). But once these pads are in the wet you might aswell use a piece of stale cheese for a brake.

Overall i give these pads a deserved 8/10, but i feel a set of monty x-hydras on a grind are in a different league to these pads!


Edited by Tom Booth

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PADS: rim jam greens

TIME USED: only 2 days

RIM USED: alex dx32

GRIND: frsh mediam


BRAKE USED: magura four bolt, home made booster bled with water and rb lever

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON A GOOD WORKING BRAKE: hold loads of bit and wont let go

HOW DO THEY COMPARE WITH OTHER PADS YOU'VE USED: well they seem to hold okish not the best but up in the top

REVIEW: got these pads and wacked them on. the worked pretty much straight out of the packet and there was a smallish squek only rode on them for about ann hour and they seemed ok. went out today for a big ride and within the first hour noticed a dramatic drop in the pad backing width they were wearing super fast. by the end of the ride all my tpa had been used and there is now only a few mm of pad matirail left. im noot sure if i just got a bad batch or something but they were very poor on pad rate and hold wasnt that brilliant. i dont drag my brake and try to not use it unneseseroily(sp) but these pads are now dead. spose they would be good on a clean or light grind or koxx rim or something. but didnt work for me. these pads are up in the tops that ive tried just dont last.


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Pads: Green Koxx Bloxx

Time used: About 5-6 hours

Rim used: Drilled Megamo trials rim

Grind: Yes, but only a light one

Ceraminc: N/a

Brake used: Magura, with RB booster and a water bleed

What is your opinion of a working brake: Good lock, bite and hold, and doesn't wear super fast

Previous pads: Monty X-Hydras, Koolstop reds, Heatsink Batch B's (yellow and green pads), Magura Blacks

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: Well... They seem to work OK as long as you ride well, almost. They lock OK, but don't have the proper bite and hold of the X-Hydras or the Heatsinks. Plus, as well as that, they come ultra thin :) This was a bit of a surprise for me as I thought they were relatively thick pads, but no - only about 3mm or so of material, which is a bit arse.

Review: They bedded in pretty quickly, and seem to work fine, really. I was a bit disappointed by how thin the pads are just 'cos it means they won't last as long, but there we go. For £18.50 (well, £15 to me (Y)), you'd have hoped for more really. They're generic backings that don't cost too much, and I can't imagine that the pad material would cost that much, so it wouldn't break the bank for them to put another 2-3mm on. Considering the shoddy finish on them too, it's a bit poop (there was a really rough bit on the edge of one of the pads where it just hadn't really been cut super cleanly, or just hadn't been finished nicely). Anyway, performance wise it felt OK. Brake felt fairly spongey at first, but went OK pretty quickly. They're pretty quiet pads unless you land hard on an edge, when they'll give a Monty-like "EEEEERK" sort of screech. They haven't really failed me at all, but they don't inspire caonfidence just 'cos they don't have the same sort of bite as the X-Hydras/Heatsinks.

Overall, my next pads will probably be X-Hydras if Steve's not got some new batchs on the go by then. I can't really justify spending this much money on a pair of pads, especially ones as thin as these. I couldn't see any visible signs of wear, but I'd not expect to this soon after putting them on.

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Pads: Heatsink Pads

Time used: A few months

Rim used: Sun Rhyno lite

Grind: No

Ceramic: N/a

Brake used: Magura, with carbonique booster, RB lever and a water bleed

What is your opinion of a working brake: It has a very good lock, very pleased with it

Previous pads: The standard Magura Blacks

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: They are no comparison to the standard Magura blacks, they lock so much better

Review: These pads are amazing, great lock, low pad wear and they squeek nicely, which adds confidence (Y)

Edited by Punkrider

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Pads: zoo pads

Time used: 3-4 weeks still using them now

Rim used: onza ronnie

Grind: yes

Ceramic: no

Brake used: Magura, with r.b booster and water bleed

What is your opinion of a working brake: good lock and good bite , but also with some modulation.

Previous pads: koxx bloxx browns

How do they compare to previous pads you have used:loads better , ALOT more bite and grip u can feel how good they are just by pulling the brake!

Review:AWSOME pads , loads of bite , and hold BUT are wearnign a little will have to see how they go.but overall MINT pads

MINI man

Edited by mini MAN

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Pads: Heatsink New Gen Whites

Time used: Going on 1 month and a half, quite a lot of riding in that period too.

Rim used: 38mm BMF

Grind: Yes

Brake used: Magura, Water bled, Gone back to just a maggie booster, no V- booster.

What is your opinion of a working brake? Alot of lock, alot of bite, not alot of modulation, loud, consistant.

Previous pads: Whatever the types of Magura pads are, Monty Hydras, Koxx Bloxx, Plaz Crm, Tartys.

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: Dunno really, they're nice when they decide to work, but just aren't as consistant as I'd like.

Review: Bedding in was kinda wierd. They started off almost silent, so my thoughts were they were bedding in. But, they stayed silent for ages. The setup is nice, all flat against the rim. The brake just wouldn't get any louder, but still worked very well. It had a lot of lock, and a fair amount of bite, although it was kind of hard to tell as they were so quiet.

After alot more riding, the brakes seemed to very gradually get louder, to the point where they were very loud. I really liked them like that. They had a lot of bite, and a lot of lock. All good stuff.

However, they have recently gone downhill. Which is wierd, the grind is still quite sharp, the pads are still in the same, nice flat position. They just seem to have gone back to being silent, and a bit crap :P Not alot of lock or bite anymore :P Which is wierd. I have been riding in alot of sandy, and dusty conditions recently though, which might be playing a big part in 'getting into' the grind. So a good clean is in order me thinks, as the grind is still quite sharp.

Anyway, Wear rate is good :D Still a lot of pad left, as in 6-7 mm which I'm happy with.

Overall, they were good, I'd just like to see a more consistant, reliable brake.

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Pads: rim jam greens

Time used: 5 days on grind, 5 days smooth rim = 10 days!!!:)

Rim used: new viz rim (smooth) new echo rim (ground)

Grind: ^^

Brake used: Magura

What is your opinion of a working brake: something that gives enough bite to hold my ass but also modulates well.

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: nice bite, but no more than my koxx reds.

Review: wally very kindly sent me these pads. i put them on my bike straight away as you would and made sure my brake was set up aswell as i could possibly get it with evo mounts on my pure. i didnt bother grinding my viz rim and just left it how it was, which was with a TINY, couldnt see it, but it was there bit of tar.

i was impressed with first impressions as they seemed to bite well straight out of the packet. so i decided to take it to the concrete wall of swindon. still very impressed with the bite. they got a bit crappy as i was riding in a dusty area so i put a tiny bit more tar on and they were really nice again and made a "slurp" sound at the point of power or bite, which was nice. there was no wear really, maybe 1mm after 5 days on a smooth rim, which to be honest is what you would expect from any pad.

i got my new bike and had a nice fresh medium grind in my new echo rim. i stuck them on and had them set up really well hitting square and at the same time both sides. after litterally 5 seconds of dragging the brake it made a very deep sound, never had a brake make such a sound and it did make you feel quite confident but it was a bitch when it came to manualing, haha. i was really liking the feel of the brake and did not notice any difference in lever feel coming from red koxx bloxx.

but after one day of riding on them, not doing anything really which needed to drag the brake. i looked to see how much wear there had been through out the day :) , and fork me. they had worn down about half!!! which is like 4mm of pad material :( i was shocked by this as i know they are the hardest compound that rimjam do. but i set my brake up again and was back out on them. over the next few days they started to die and by the 5th day of riding them lightly on what was now a worn grind they had gone right down to the sketchy white backing.

it isnt all slating for these pads though, they have got quite a good amount of power and the noise is unbelievable. but for the pad life/power ratio they are really not worth the £10 in my opinion.

to be honest rimjam i think you need to look at making a pad for grinds. :P

i have another little bone to pick :blink: . one of the backings on one of my pairs is f**ked. the little clip bit is mashed and it WONT clip onto the little ball bit on the caliper. this really isnt good at all and im sure it would do major damage to the caliper and yourself if you dont notice what has happened and you are still riding with it like that after weeks. this i found to completely put me off getting another pair of rimjam pads untill they sort out the backings. sorry, it must seem like i am slating the pads quie a bit, but i am only telling the truth through my expirences.

in all these pads give great power and will hold you well, but for £10 every week i really think you would be better off spending nearly £20 on some koxx bloxx reds as in the long run they will be better value for money :D

sorry rimjam, i hope you can work from these problems i have come accross. :)

cheers james

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PADS:Zoo pads

TIME USED:6 weeks

GRIND:no at first, then yes later on

BRAKE USED:Magura hs33 with standard lever and unex braided hosing, no booster.

MY OPINION OF A DECENT BRAKE:One with lots of lock and bite and some modulation for manuals etc.

REVIEW:I got these pads from bikedock when they first came out for £20, and i put them on my freshly cleaned smooth try-all rim and they worked very well, with good bite and lots of modulation. When i went out for first ride with them i put on a bit of tar for extra power, and they worked very well. I run them this way for about 6 weeks, and cleaned the rim and pads every so often to keep power fresh. However, today i put a harsh grind on my rim today and they work amazingly, no tar. The bite is immense, with the expense of modulation. The only issue now would be life, ive heard they dont last long on a grind, but well have to see. All in all, very good pads :(

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PADS: Rim jam reds

TIME USED: 3-4 weeks

GRIND: No! Just a clean rim

RIM: Koxx try-all 20'' drilled rim

BRAKE USED: Magura HS33 with megamo booster

MY OPINION OF A GOOD BRAKE: A brake with really good lock and bite. It should be able to keep locking when you jump to backwheel on an obstacle and have half your wheel falling off the obstacle.

REVIEW: I bought these pads from the rimjam website for only £10 inc pnp. They arrived the next day. I shoved them on my brake eager to go out for a ride. They proved absolutely great fullfilling all my opinions of what a good brake must do. Even without tar or a grind these pads work perfectly, giving an almost instant bite, and locking and gripping with great strength. These pads are extremely similar pads to the zoo pads except they are half the price, so are an absolute bargain. But the only problem is that these pads are absolutely useless in wet conditions: Once you get a bit of water on the rims they will hardly lock or grip at all which can prove quite dangerous. Thanks :(

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Pads: Zoo

Time used: 2 pairs of pads ( thats 4 individual... yes 4) used till hit the backings of one set and 3/4 through the others. Total time 5 rides less than 2 weeks

Rim used: onza hog with a 1 month old grind ( still sharp considering )

Grind: yes

Brake used: Magura 2004, unex hosing, standard lever and booster, water bleed

What is your opinion of a working brake: Locks very fast no modulation at all off and on only for me

How do they compare to previous pads you have used: They weren't bad on front verging on good, but wank on the rear.


Got my first set to use on the front since koxx bloxx on the front couldn't hack the natural riding. Very good lock and good braking overall, they were wearing pretty fast to be honest, lets say half the pad in 2 rides. So decided to stick them on the back to see whether they were worth the investment to get another set. Decided i would anyway just to stick back on the front since they worked so well. However on the rear.. i wouldnt say they were anything that special. Yes they are LOUD but who cares the bite was ok but lock was crap as. They wore down so the front and rear of the pad was rounding off, dont say this is due to a dodgy set up because it wasnt it was simply because the pads wore down so quick during a ride that you would have to set them up all over again to stop the pads rocking and dragging giving the uneven wear. Like i said the bite was good, they would lock pretty fast which is what i like but seriously.. the pad wear rate totally shadows this. Soon as they were down to the backing i put on the new set which had arrived hoping to god it was just me being a tard, but no they wore down as fast, if you roll your back wheel back with your brake on lightly you can actually see bits of pad coming off.

Ah well essay over i wont be buying any more... im sure they work great "with a bit of tar" and yes the "squeak" is really good... but shows nothing useful. SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE MONEY

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Pads: V!Z Magura pads

Time used: 3 months

Rim used: Echo drilled

Mod/Stock: Stock

Grind: Yep

Brake used: 05 Magura on 4 bolt mounts (Echo) with no booster


Took ver little bedding in before they started working nicely. Straight away they were giving good bite and reasonable hold. The best thing about these pads is that they have given reliable performance throughout their long life, even on worn out grinds covered in crap they give an acceptable performance level. I've been pleased with these pads but next I'm going to go for ZOO! pads :(

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Pads: Zoo pads

Time used: 3 months

Rim used: Echo cnc'd

Grind: very light, then tar, then medium grind

Brake used: 05 Magura, 4bolt mounts, no booster.

What is your opinion of a working brake?

- A brake with no modulation, pure lock, and no slippages (even in the rain).

How do they compare to previous pads?

- Best ones I've had so far!


Got these pads just after I had grinded my rim very lightly, and to be honest it was shit. So then I grinded it a bit more harshly and then, haha, then it becomes a real brake pad! Completely locks with a grind and you get ...well okay bite, but lock is where it's at, and it did it's job really well. The only complaints a have is that it's very noisy so everyone in this small village hates me :"> and that it's worn about 1.5 mm in about three months, which is okay, but not good compared to my old koxx bloxx. But given the performance/wear rate I would go for the zoo pads anyday. Conclusion: Mint pads.

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