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Making A Long Video Help Please

Dr. Nick Riviera

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na man make it a good and varied 6-8 minutes but mix up the natural, street maybe a spot of freeride type street stuff, don't give us 8 minutes of uci style side hops up huge shit cos by the third hop we're bored. i've got a 75 minute long uci comp video and although theres some greta riding by god its boring after 10 mins...

download as many videos as you can and watch uci comp stuff, natural, street, bmx, freeride, dirt, and general larking about and then go out and film a nice mix of everything and you'll have a cracking video...

good luck

oh yeah and if you want an 8 minute video you'll probably have to shoiot about 2-3 hrs of footage (and thats if your good)...

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Just watch a whole load of videos and really have a look at what the top riders do to make their vids look good.

Craig Lee Scott shows off his professionalism by doing moves again and again but shooting them from different angles. Ben Rowlands seems to just have a knack as to which effect to put where and how to make the footage and the editing fit with the music. Matt Berridge is just really good at picking the right music to fit his style of riding.

Have a look on this section of the forum at the topics which have recieved the most good replys (or any in fact) and see what makes those videos distinguished from the others, e.g. TRA, Craig Lee Scott, Glasseye, Boon, being really arrogant and not at all modest the South West Trials Crew, and anything else that may not be popular, but that you just really like.

In the end its your video and the person that has to like it most is you.

Hope I've been helpfull.


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