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Easton Risers?


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righty im a bit bored of my try-all bars and as i have the try-all stem its a normal clamp size right??

so are there any nice riser bars i could use but have to be cheapish.

i looked at easton ea30s or whatever there called the 20 quid ones , but not sure what theyed be like on mod for trials.

so fire away help me >_< (N)


mini man

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I wouldnt go for the eastons on a mod, id probably go for some zoo bars, onza carbon risers or flats or echo or something like that (you would need new stem though, as most trials bars are oversized)

yeh thats why i wanted to see if there where any normal clamp size bars , im only little so i think they would last.

keep them coming.

alex >_<

oh and what nomal riser bars does he have?

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there are spacers you can use between the bar and stem to fit a smaller diameter bar into an oversized stem : D

Monty do/did them, contact cleanbikes to see if they know what im talking about... otherwise, PM me and i could propably get them for you (if you'r interested)

The monty dealer here has loads of them just lying around

EDIT: sorry, thought you had an oversized (31.8 mm is it? ) stem atm... >_<"

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