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Monty Snail Cams


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Righty ho, I have a pair of snail cams that I used on a borrowed frame to ride after I cracked my T-Pro, and I fell in love, these things rule. As such, I want to run them on my new frame (an '04 Monty Hydra for the curious amongst you) which, unfortunately, doesn't have holes for the pins. The cams came supplied with the little posts that are supposed to mount into the frame and basically what I'd like is someone who knows the thread width and pitch so I can tap the necessary holes into the dropouts.

I'm still trawling through Google with no luck as yet, but if I find anything before I get a reply I'll post it so other people can use the info.

Cheers, Joe

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It should be an M5 thread, same as 4 bolt mounts and bottle rack bolts.

Carefull where you drill the wholes, as the stress factor at the edge of any round whole is 3 times that of a solid piece of material. so it is there for 3 time more likely to crack where you put the whole than it was before the whole was there.

It should be fine though, just make sure its a low stress area that can handle more than 3 times the amount of stress its getting at the moment.

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