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mr ailsbury

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Im sure we can all wait.

After all what do you want? A dvd now? Or a fantastic dvd later?

Fantastic DVD, but why falsely advertise in mbuk? Did he misjudge how long it would take to finish? i'm sure many people were disappointed when they looked in mbuk and saw that nick had said it was out then realized it wasn't.

I'm not moaning, just saying. I'm sure it will be worth the wait (Y)

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True, good point. But I think that what might have happened is they told him the interview would go out on whatever date, and he has said yeah it will be out by then. And either MBUK moved the interview forward to fill a space, or it has taken longer.

I know music has been driving him mad, and you cant do much without the music.

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Yea music is proving to be a major setback on release. If you cant get the rights to use music, if becomes bloody difficult to know how to edit to tracks you didnt really want to use - if it comes to that, that is.

I think it was the case that Nick thought the interview would be out in a later edition of MBUK.

Just be patient. Being Trials-Forum I think somebody, probably Nick, would post when its available!

Its great that so many people are interested! (Y)


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