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Tech 05

joe b

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Tech 05 is not happening and never ever will do ever again.

There should be a Tech 06 next year though.


just wait and see.... there are some little surprises coming for the people of trials forum !.. soon to be announced.. and im sure you will be pleased to hear them.. i will say no more as we wanna keep it a bit of a surprise to you

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Yea but he said tech 05 is not happening and never ever will do AGAIN surely that means tech 05 has already happend?

Oh who cares i think ive taken this abit to far :P"

I obviously never thought that through, well done :D

It's not for me to say much really, but i'll just say it didnt happen because people where too busy with other things at that time of year and where not at the best health to do so, so decided to leave it till next year when they can fully concentrate on what to do and make it really good.


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