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Now summer is going way to fast I think its best that we organize a big ride in good ol brizzol!!

Me and ol steven are thinking about cruising up next wednesday!

What little timmy turbos would be interested in coming along with us barny bears!? (Y)

So come on role up role up....lets make it a gooden!!

Peice out home slice

Rob + steven

:D :(

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Im there, got the day off work and everything (Y) :P

I well looking forward to it. I know sam dont have much money but im sure he will try and sort something, and nick is not allowed out now till he has finished editing his DVD :) Just a light hearted joke.

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this ride should be goodun! :-

No worrys rich, im speakin to prawn tonight :) , but bigman cant make it, its to far for him to drive :)



Also rich, can u PM me ur msn addy, can arrange a meeting place for journey up, if ur gonna drive that is :)

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ahhh good stuff!!

Didnt you say that whiteboy cant make it Steve and Jack has work or something but the more the better!

Should be good stuff!

Are you still coming tuppers!?

Rob  :shifty:  :lol:

yeh mate, sorry got work, sucks balls!!

but will be seeing all you sexy biatches at the comp on sunday anyways! :lol:

have a great ride anyway!! :lol:

cheers, jack

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