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that guy with the drink in his hand and the beard....god damb good looking if you ask me??

notice that when carls asleep in the last one his ass in in the air,,,he shared a tent with mike!!!

oh carl can grrrrroooooowwwlllll!!!


still livin the dream and remembering good times!

k dawg :) (Y)

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hey its lovatt. good to have a mint as fcuk roadtrip with you all. have to do it all next year with more people. make sure you look at my pics that bucky put up thiers some good ones from the demo.

look at the pic of bucky it looks like hes a 6 year old having a wank. sorry to say bucky but you do have you hands in your sleeping bag and something pink coming out the top.

dont forget to slate flash for bringing a 1 man tent for 3 of us.

gard cows rock


gang bang camp site this way>>>

lovatt :sleeping:

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