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Hunstanton - New Vid - Natty/street

Joe Papasnap Maher

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3:22 - 29Mb

Little ride me, wally, and todge had yesterday , and we actually filmed sumthing yay (Y)

So erm yer, All comments appreciated ( and i mean all, im a man, i can take your insults hahah)



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Since you used the same music as in AndyT's Hermance vid I was expecting something at least as good or better  :)"  You were very close  :P  Naa just kidding, great video, nice riding and a chilled feeling to it. Keep up the good work  (Y)

This was the dilema me and todge where having, but i said were better than hermance, so we shouild be able to have the music :D

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sweet video, seemed a little joe bias though  :P but nowlt wrong with a bit of self love  :P"

enjoi'd it mucho (Y)

Well thats what i thoguht when i got all the clips of the cam lol

Urgh...got bored from the start, you lot had no style at all  :P

Nah, cool vid  :)  you didnt do that drop gap on the rocks? Nice sidehop aswell on that yellow wall  :P

Nah...it was huge sam :D

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Loved that... Love all your videos infact.

Always have that fun aspect to them.

Looking through the thread and seen a Joe vid and a little (Y) appeared....

BUM BUM BUM.... this could go on all day, just REALLY like your vids!

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Cool video. Some sweet riding in there, although i found the editing abit confusing, duno if thats just me, probably is. Seemed like the hole video was in slow motion :P

Anyway nice riding.


It was, pretty much everything was set to 80% speed :D

Cheers Mr Brisa, im glad i entertained 1 man, that measn ill of been shit (Y) ( Joke from jimmy carr live :) :P )

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