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"ameno" Street Vid


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We were out for 6-7 hours yesterday filming this and edited last night, so its well new :P

We didn't want to do another "heavy music and big moves, on repeat" video... so this is something different. quite original really, we're well happy with how it turned out.


Comments :'("

Cheers, Peter and Johan

EDIT: sorry, forgot this : KKKKKK Come on! "The scenes behind the image"

Quite funny bails, policemen and bashplate action

Edited by Backgren
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DEcent vid, liked the music, liked the editing, liked the riding (but felt their could have been more original lines? and bigger combinations of lines, instead of the one move "wonders") DEffo worth the download.

ty for making it :'( :P

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Thanks for the replies so far.

In the "ameno" video the song is : ERA - Ameno

In the KKKKK video : Slagsmålsklubben (SMK) - KKKKK Come on!

To ergosum: I see your point, and we really try to look for good lines and combinations of moves, but unfortunately not much got caught on tape this time.

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