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Yer koxx grips dont move ive had a few pairs last about 6 months

put 1 pences in the ends to make them last longer as they dont rip at the ends them

using foam grips from wiggle now though so i dont have to wear gloves

yer dont buy koxx rubber grips unless you use gloves

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ye i use odi lockons the ruffians and wouldnt go back to normal grips due to them spinning or coming loose.

you dont need to tighten the lock on grips too much before the collars lock the grips on. if you keep rounding the allen key its maybe as your tightening them too much.

i may try the trick that carl has said bout putting 1p down the grip and sliding them on, the other way to putting grip on is with a track pump so you dont have to put hair spray and gt85 or equivalent on so it doesnt leave a residue to let it spin, if you get what i mean.


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I use the koxx rubber grips, and I use them with no gloves no problem.

I dont like lock on grips because when I had them the grip rocked a little bit when it was locked down, which was very annoying.

I love the koxx/echo/brisa rubber grips. Like said above put 1p piece's in them and your away.

Also if you dont want your grips to move, put them on with spray paint. It is liquid once sprayed so it lets you slide them on nice, and them it sticks. Hard.

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I had koxx grips didn´t last very long at all about 1-2 months then the ends started ripping off and the grip had worn down loads but they felt fairly nice just the right size. Maybe if you try that 1p trick they would last longer though.

I prefer foam grips soak the sweat up so your hands don´t slip everywear and are more comfortable imo.

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Putting 1p's in the end of grips is only for grips with the rubber ends. Like on these:


It's so they dont rip off like the usually do. (Y)

BTW, I use ODI Longnecks, I've had them since January and they've only just started wearing down!

They're really comfy aswell. :)

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well if you pull one grip in like when you sidehop your stretching the end of the rubber grip over the end

now if you have a 1 pence in the end theres not such a sharp edge for them to rip on

also when you lean the handle bar ends on something it doesn push the rubber in also causing rippage

hope that clears a few things, i dont know if it helps loads because i didnt test it out for long enough but the ends seemed less "rippy" than when i didnt put 1 pences in

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