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Crazy Shit

trialsking 55

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people might have been scared? they should have seen him, seeing as you see other people in the last clip where he nicks the guitar.

if you saw someone break into someone elses car (ie not your car or mate's car) would you stop him/her? he/she could carry a weapon and or be on drugs. who knows.



and yeah, i agree on the t-shirt thing. he probably was too badass for it to matter.

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Download BUMFIGHTS its kind of a scateboardy group of teenages who pay BUMS to fight each over or do stunts and genraly document how shit there lives are.

I think it preety mutch took off in america and got banned everywhere but weve managed to get hold of all the dvd's.

Bling-bling later comes out with a song and it all looks good for him and his crack pipe but then gets put in jail.

So in the end he does pay his price for living in the way he does.

Bum fights rules :)"

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