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Buying A Second Hand Bike


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Right, basically I've seen a Koxx 1065 advertised on cleanbikes' Nu2u section here:


(It's the second bike down)

I really want to buy this bike, but after many attempts at phoning the number that's there I can't get through, it's just keeps ringing and ringing!

So, if anyone knows who this Karl is and can point me in the way of an email address or tell me if he's on holiday or something, that'd be great. (Y)


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Just keep trying :)"

The lad might be at work or on hols maybe?

Hey i just looked through them pics, and the third one down is my mates bike, but someone is trying to sell it!!! lol

I think he might have sold it before that though :)

(even though it does say that the bike forsale isnt the pictured bike :) )

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I do keep trying, but it just keeps ringing out, there's not even an answerphone to leave a message on.

(This post is a lame excuse to keep this topic near the top of the board, in the vain hope that someone here knows who it is, someone must know surely! Ask your friends' friends' cousins!)

Help me out here, I really need a bike!

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