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Wanted Zoo Video 23

James Hart

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go onto www.craigleescott.co.uk

then click on to videos .

then if you rear the page it says to view these vids you NEED TO DOWNLOAD GOOGLE PLAYER and there is a link in capital letters , click on that and download and install it.simple..

you still with me?

right then refresh the page and click onto the "zoo video 23"with the left cick on your mouse then click"PLAY WHOLE MOVIE"and low and behould you have it.

if this still dont work add me to msn and ill send it or something but what ive said should work its simple if you rear the videos page like your supossed to itll work :lol: ok?

thank you :lol: :shifty:

juts to make it easier


click there and then click download then goonto craig site and left click on the link and itll work

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