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Snail Cams.. Are They The Way 2 Go?


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Hi, I've just broken one of my chain tensioners, the type with the nut and bolt that you get with the t-pro.

Ive noticed a lot of people use "snail cams"- are they any good? Also, how do they work? Ive read a couple of descriptions but to be honest I still dont have a clue how they work of where they go..

I ride a monty 221 '04, there are two lil holes drilled in the frame, one on each side, next to the rear dropout- does this mean I can use them?

Also, finally, what ones would people reccomend I use bearing in mind I have no idea what I'm looking for.



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Snail Cams work by pushing against a bolt that is located on the frame inside the dropout. The cam shape means the wheel can go back and forth until the chain is tight, then you tighten your wheel.

Few different types, ones with grooves, ones without and Monty ones with didgy nut on the end :shifty:

Grooves mean positive location and potentially perfect wheel alignment, smooth ones are just smooth.

Im gonna be making "how do snail cams work" picture sometime soon to upload onto my site.

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snail cams are far better than tensioners end of :lol:  but i'm not sure if all frames are compatible

Exactly what i would have said, a couple of my mates use/have used them with no problems at all, which cant be said for the amount of problems they have had with normal chain tensioners, which are a faff to set up and bend at the first sight of stress. :shifty:

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I havnt bent my chain tugs YET, but i might cut the end threads off with a hacksaw, so i dont catch them, cause recently iv been front 90degrees role in gaps to chain stays :shifty: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And been catching the tugs

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I just prefer chain tugs, pretty much. They're FAR more readily available, they work well, and there's no problem with them, so long as you trim off any excess. The majority of problems with chain tugs seems to just be when people don't use them properly, or don't cut off the excess. If you sidehop up or whatever and chink the end of the tug, it'll bend easily. It's only a small bit of thread, so it can't really take it like a man. Regardless, you can just mark off on the threads about one thread away from the nut, remove the nut (the heat from cutting seems to make the nyloc bolts cry :sleeping:), cut, replace nut. Job done.

Every BMXer in the world and me can't be wrong (Y)

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