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Video: Dickhead Skater

Michael Hardman

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Yeah, I saw that too.  I really doubt that the guy died 48 hours later, in that it was just one person who posted that?  Or did I miss some other posts on there or summat?

Thats why I typed apparently to cover myself.

Thing is some of the skaters under southbank act like that,some are cool but I think they thin they own the place.

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What an arse hole that kid looked , i wish some ghetto thugs would of asked him for a go on his skate board, doubt he would of done it then lol.

my mate was in a fight once and got hit over the heaad with the trucks of a board directly on his head !

he was taken to hspital a.s.a.p and lost a shit load of blood :- was f**king disgusting.

hint of the day . . . never turn your back in a fight :-

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