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Computer Troubles!


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Well i've got a few problems with my mouse and keyboard. Every so often my keyboard will die and my CPU will make staggered beeping sounds, in the end i have to turn off my computer. My mouse also will sometimes completely stop for no reason.

Both use the ps2 connections (i think thats what it's called? well its not usb anyway)

Is this something to do with motherboards etc? I have no idea, hence me asking you clever people :sleeping:

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if you get a beeping its one of two things,

either your keyboard has a loose connection, in either the wiring or the mobo connector,

or you CPU is overheating and its the high temperature alarm (depnding on the cpu and mobo you use the comp will either grind to a halt or switch off.

try a different keyboard first if you have easy access to one (usb would be preferable to eliminate the mobo socket)

then you will want to check the temps of your CPU, this is easily done with a touch test of the heatsink (assuming its correctly seated and is doing its job). It should be relatively cool, and you should be able to touch it for as long as you want (i.e it doesnt feel more than luke warm).

Lastly you will need to install some software to monitor your CPU temps if your motherboard has a temp sensor and is compatable, before you do this post up what your computer spec is and who its built by.

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Admittedly the keyboard is years old. The mouse is high quality Sony infra-red, but the usb connection didnt work for some reason so i had to use a ps2 adapter for it.

Could borrow both usb mouse/keyboard and try them for a while, see if this happens with them.

Might ring around some computer shops, never heard anyone else having this problem so im interested to know whats up!

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