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How Much Are Spokes?


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I broke a spoke and I cant find anywhere that sells them... I mean all of our bike shops don't have any "extras" and this really bums me out. I Finally go to be able to get up a small wall and now a spoke is busted...

Could i still ride with out 1 since i'm still a beginner? Or would that mess up my rim? :-

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36, with niplets toooooooooooooooooooo

im pretty sure it was 36, i know i had a few left over when my 32 hole wheel was built, not sure how many were left over though to be exact.

Ye you got 36, I just gave you the extra 4 as spares. You just put in the notes the sizes you need and the amount of spokes you need, its no extra cost for 32 or 36 spokes, so, just put 36 spokes down, although they may just give you 36 anyway.


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Oh before I forget. That thing in your signature. It's not for here is it? Images aren't allowed B)

Erm If I were you I'd just tell them that's rediculous. You don't need to buy a new rim if you just want new spokes. Say you snapped 10 spokes on a Chris King / Mavic rim. They expect you to buy a brand new rim. £30 - 40 or whatever they cost.

Just for the sake's of 10 spokes. Which is what, £4? £5 max ish.

I'd just tell them to stop being stupid and get you some spokes. How can a bike shop not sell, or be able to order spokes?

If they can get hold of ones with a rim, I'm sure they can measure you some up from a spoke you/they take out and then give replacements.

I'd be persistive if I were you :)


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Bargain. So obviously if you tell 'em you want 18 of 2 different sizes they do it. Thanks for pointing that out, I'm building new wheels soon so that's my spokes sorted.

No they only sell them in packs of 36 as they get them them in large packs of 108 (3 sets) so if you want 252 and 256 you have to order 72 spokes. Its silly I know as me and a mate did it but we had the exact same wheels being built up.

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