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Video Compression


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Sitting on them :P

If all else fails try EO-video. Theres a 30 day trial but you just un-install/re-install it

It allows you to set the options for all the codecs you have, and then convert the video into a new format. I found WMV (although a pain in the arse) is quite easy + quick to use and gives small videos.

Dunno what everyone else uses though

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VCD: ~1000kbit mpg. 25 fps, 352x288 pix.

never fails.

nothing bad about divx etc but i have not really found the same quality in divx than mpg for the effort etc. mpg still rules.

also, higher res than 352x288 is bullplop anyways, unless you run the video interlaced, but then it will be all stripy.

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ok ok, i have tried the OTN settings,  and the file size is ok, quality is appauling?

any more ideas? i will try the VCD now

save it at a high mpg setting, as high as possible really, then put that video into windows movie maker and re-encode it as WMV in widows movie maker, choose your required file size.

Only takes 10mins in movie maker for about 5 min video, and quality and file size is good.

A pretty simple way which I have used numerous times in my videos.


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OK I don't have Premiere I actually use Ulead Video Studio 8 but the way I compress my vids is work in uncompressed AVI format the whole time, render/save it as an AVI file (which will be massive!) then as Phil says plonk it into Windows Movie Maker and compress is into a WMV as much (or little) as you want.

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