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Just thought Id share this photo/s with you as its really nice (not massive but nice). . . . . .


This was taken by Oliver Ward - flatland bmxer, ex trials rider, bristol resident and top dude....

Probably get some more soon . . . . while he helps me film for me new video :)

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Cheers guys, the slope that ashton and hawzie went down is pretty damn scary first time round - if anyone wants to do it i can take em along when they are in bristol . . . .

As for the video weeeellll - more setbacks......

after boons glorious bodge with a magura elbow thingy on the skewer to keep the mech on ive managed to snap my urbans in half on the steerer snap two spokes get about a million punctures and bugger up my pc's motherboard - not to plan really.

but fingers crossed in two weeks itll be done . . . .

Over And Out


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Nice sequence you've got there sir johns! I think next time we ride were gonna have to have a lil picture taking session! A proper one, come down and visit us barny rubble can you ;)

See you soon mate

Rob :blink: :-

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Its at "THE BEAMS" . . . . .

which is along the river from "THE TRAIN TRACKS" ......

which is across the river from "BIG LLOYDS" ......

which . . . . . . . . .

isnt it funny how trials riders describe how to get around

The beams are basically down in the basin (if you know brissle)

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