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I really must say, that video was inspirational.

The music obviously really added, and contributed greatly to the flow of the video, and was combined with the fluidity of most of the moves brilliantly.

As said, some of the trials was a little sketchy, but that was purely the backhopping, the moves themselves were nearly all perfectly controlled, and executed nicely, as well as some brilliant street lines.

The thing that perfected the video for me was the filming, it was so smooth, fluid, and complimented the riding extremely well. Hats off to the filmer(S).

Definitely a brilliant video, nice one. :ermm:

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mr mike kinda summed it up....

thats what trials should be doing what you want and having a laugh...be it on street or natty

none of this measuring bollox, or dissing of eachother because they cant do/can do something someone else can/cant.

super vid and good editing :ermm: :) :P

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