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Gran Turismo 4 Cheats

The Foamoi Refresher

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theres something about on day 48(probably wrong) if you go to the 2nd hand cars shops you can buy black versions of the toyota gt1 and rx7 or something like that but they are quite expensive

My freind has a ps2 and we checked it out on that and it worked but i don't know what days but it lasts for a game week i think.

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day 694 to be pricise... B)

and they appear for one week in the garages gt time. If you have gone over 700 days, like me :) and aint got them....you can wait till day 1388 or every mutiple of 694

then theres 2 in garage 1 80's and 2 in garage 2 early 90's

they are....i think:

nisssan le mans thingy

mazda le mans thingy

a toyota gt1 (not sure)

other nissan thingy (not 100% on that either)

they aint as quick as the none second hand ones, because they have been ragged and dont apparantly tune up as high....and all can be bought for 8500000.cr or near to that

as for cheats...theres action replay ones that give you a bazillion credits and 100% completion...but thats pooright

i play this way too much...im going to sit in a corner and rock now (Y)

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I dont thin there are cheats for GT4, The internet is not full of shit.

Why buy a game when your going to get bored of it being too easy because you cheated.

Play the game properly and take a challenge rather than cheating.

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the car bit aint a cheat though...just second hand cars (Y)

some cheats are ok though....

i know everyon that had/has tomb raider tried the 'lets see laras bum' cheat..

but yeat cheats spoil it the first time round

Well yeah. I mean like infinit money cheats, you wouldn't want to race to save up to by a car that you want. etc

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