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Get Well Soon Kev

mr kenny

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hey folks i just thought i'd post a topic to wish kev(with the vinco) a speedy recovery and to get well real soon

kev was hit by a car today don't know the extent of his injuries i'm sure one of us lot will keep you posted.

i know his legs not to happy and i think the vinco isn't to hot any more :P

stan,chris mike,tim and matt were riding some rocks at the top of a hill they were heading back to the cars and the accident happened i just drove over to get kev's car.everyone seemed pretty shook up aswell.


i gotta see that gurnin face!!

kenny :ermm:

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Damn, that's harsh. I hope he's ok.

Get well soon!  :)

EDIT: Was Kev in Bristol when you guys came over for the Roadtrip?

yep it was kev in bristol :ermm:

from what i gather his brake didn't work at the bottom of the hill (it was at blackstone edge) - i was there, but didn't see it happen as i had a puncture and was walking down.

get well soon dude :P


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just spoken to family, he is still waiting for a full body xray.

so far they know he has afew broken ribs, a badly damaged shoulder, head is okay thanks to him wearing a HELMET (note to none helmet wearers), pretty sure his helmet saved Kev some major damage.

his right Knee and leg are the worst of it. probably having major surgery on his knee to help it recover, legs arn't broken which is good. checking for internal and neck injuries with xray.

basically, we were coming down a footpath towards a road, his brake must have over heated or something because it didnt work. he couldnt stop, the car didnt expect it so couldnt stop as Kev went into middle of road. he landed about 10 metres down road on the opposite side.

Thankfully its seems he is going to be okay, just a long time too recover, build up knee etc and maybe get back on a bike. early days with shock etc.

Thanks to Matt with his fast thinking - t-shirt off and round his leg to stop bleeding, and luckily afew doctors and nurses there helped alot too so thanks to them.

He was is a bad state so get well soon Kev, we'll try keep updates and hopefully he will be back on a bike in months too come.

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