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If you just want to record and play back, then fine. What I had read (there are reviews on the web) was that you could only delete the last clip taken, and that editing mpeg2 - rather than avi - format is not easy and that not all video editing software works with them. So in camera terms, it a bit point-and-shoot. If you're after a camcorder for trials videos, get a DV tape one.

If you want an easy solution to get footage onto a dvd, I would say a LiteOn LVW5005 dvd recorder, which has a "firewire in" port at the front. Just play and record. There are other models that do the same by LiteOn but you'll have to look for them. Thats DVD recorder as in VHS-tape-recorder-replacement, not a PC component.

A link for a review of a DVD camcorder, with links to other reviews further down.

My twopence worth. (Y)

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