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Skipping Mono

Dr. Nick Riviera

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righty ho

my hope mono skipped a few times today and its worried me a bit ,

a friend of mine ( shall reamain anonnymous due to witchhunts ) has reccomended it stretch the springs and run it with no lube , now im no expert but that doesnt sound like a good idea

so if anyone would care to shed some light on the situation i would be greatfull



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Not a good idea for a long term fix, but short term fix.  I know a guy who used a biro pen spring when one of his broke, he's had it in there for ages now. HAHA :huh:


Works long term too.

Pretty sure Lee had a biro spring, or 3, in his mono for a good year or so, and i did for a month or two as well.

Set of 3 springs is only 1.50 from bikedock, and might be cheaper from tartybikes.

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Yeah i've snapped a few of those cheesey lil springs and a new set of three is £4.60 from my LBS :D

Bikedock here we come i think!

Dont stretch the springs, I did that and they snapped sooner than I could click my fingers!

My mate got me some industrial springs which are a bit stronger and sound louder, but na no lube and normal springs are fine!

I did once ride my bike around running one spring, the engagment was absolutly outta this world!

Rob :huh: (Y)

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Nine times out of ten when your Hope hub starts skipping it's dropped a spring. The defective spring means that the pawl only half engages, and under pressure can't hold and the hub slips. Bear in mind that if one pawl is only half engaged, the freehub won't be resting on the other two (think about triangles), so the dodgy one takes all the weight until it slips.

Stretching the springs is a waste of time - they don't like it and they won't last as long. Don't run the hub dry either, put grease in the springs and on the pawls. Don't fill the hub, but dry is silly.

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Stretching the springs and running no grease will work for a short time, but then will RAPE your hub. Saying that though my old hope blew up in Southampton a few months ago, so I just popped into Asda bought a mini stapler and hey presto new springs. (Didn't last much longer so I bought a King).

your best bet will be to send it to hope and they'll do their best to sort it, in my experience they're quite good on customer care.

oh by the way Charlie......

I know your impressed :huh:"

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