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Mr Dave

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Bournemouth is crap. Theres really not much you can actually ride due to the amount of people.

Sandbanks and Poole are your best bet. Poole quay has loads of decent riding and one of my faourite local places, and sandbanks is good for rocks and stuff but the locals can get a bit shitty. Police dont tend to care too much as long as you arent in peoples way.

Im riding Poole this weekend hopefully with Luke Edwards, so give us a shout if you are in the area

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bournemouth isn't crap, u just cant ride untill the shops have shut, ive just got from riding it tonight. if ur coming down for the weekend, then i reckon ride poole sat day and bournemouth sat night, then ride sandbanks sat or sun. if ur interested me and dan jones might be going to portland this sunday. sum up of portland, would be rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks and more rocks, lol :(

heres my mob no if u wanna get in touch 07854503274

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Bournemouth town centre chavvy? What? :P It's a student town there's bugger all chavs... Or maybe I've been keeping my eyes shut all this time...

At least I never seen 30 + groups of them late at night like you do back on ye olde island. :D

Back on topic... Bournemouth's OK to ride havn't managed to get out of town so can't comment on Poole / sandbanks... All I can say is don't come down and just ride bournemouth, there isn't an amazing amount to do I don't think. You could always just sunbath and watch all the fitties walk past though. (Y)

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