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Time For Another

that NBR dude

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When the next person says, "Haha where's your seat!?" Hobbsie can now answer "It went up my arse" sincerely instead of sarcastically.

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LMFAO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHA i slept at hobbsies the night before aswell :lol: :) .

hobbsie *thinks* "maybe my arse is like one of them scratch and sniff books" just before calling me (porter...on the sign) over for a test run.... jamie is one step ahead though... (Y)

jamie is actually a puppet out of thunderbirds (Y)

YOU COULDNT PLAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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guy with bottle: you ready for bottle number 2

hobbsie: f**king hell - one bottle was tight enough!!

guy in background sitting down: aye aye captain

bucky: i wonder if i can nick owt from this car for me van!

waynio: kenny :P

nah i wantd the whole car but someone eitehr disconnected battery or took it with them

i didnt want to open bonnet and attract too much attention trying to knick it. lol

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