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Broken Tpa


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throw the 'u-shaped peice of metal' away and stop worrying about it, You won't need it ever again.

I haven't checked the links but there's two ways to bodge.

either cut a slot in the head of the M5 bolt to make it work like the 'u-shaped peice of metal'


Just bodge it so that when you screw the M5 bolt in, the bolt simply pushes against the flat peice of metal that in turn presses the piston.

Read both the 'bodge' threads.

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well you gotta get the rest of that sheared bolt outta the square thing.

sounds like you not only sheared the bolts but also crossed the threads :P

have a go at removing it using two sets of pliers, One on the square nut, the other on the remaining bit of sheared bolt.

if you can't get it out then it might just be time for a new lever blade.

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oh i seeee,

right, hopefully you still have the little red star?

well drill a hole in it big enough for the m5 to slide through, then put it back on, and put the m5 bolt through the red thing into the square nut.

Then when you turn the m5 bolt, you can hold the red star which will stop the square thing spinning. :P




if for some reason you don't have the star, then just get a pair of pliers and grab the bit of square nut thats sticking out then turn the m5 :P

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I basically just did this -----> http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index....5&hl=tpa+fixing

(as stated earlier in the thread)

but once i had it all back together i drilled a hole in the red star and used that to hold the square nut still whilst i turn the m5 bolt.

And yes, the square thing needs to stay still so that the bolt can be scewed further into it and in turn pushing against the flat peice of metal which then pushes the piston.

sorry but i ain't gonna go dismantle my lever and show you step by step cos Mark already made done that (the link above).

However i'll get you one mopre picture to show you how the bolt pushes against the flat peice of metal.

If you read Marks instructions, then just kinda take a step back and use your common sense it'll all fall into place.

Most people (like me) just figured this out themself, so it's not as hard as it might seem, just have a bit of a play around, it;s not like you can make it worse. :( :(




Phew...someone gimmie a cookie, some of the SM's aren't even this helpful

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