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Stripped Hub Thread...


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Evening all,

Just took my freewheel off my hub, ready for my 12t cog to go on it.

As the freewheel came off, so did a lot of swarf...

I've been looking at pictures of other rear hubs, and the thread on them looks quite flat.

And on my hub now, it's flat, but still has a 'groove' in it.

Would the cog be able to go on alright?

I also have some Loctite if that'll help...

Cheers (Y)

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if it does, get ready to buy a new hub. but i guess(as a quickfix) you could take it off again and then coat the threads with araldite then screw it on.

I'd rather not araldite a new cog onto it.

Because then it'd be stuck on. :ermm:

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If it screws on ok, it should ride ok.

Never had the joy of stripping a hub then JT? ;)

My hub ages ago stripped whilst I was riding. Just went to kick a gap, and it sorta went funny. Felt like I'd raped the freewheel. Stamped down on the pedal when I was off my bike to see if the freewheel shell just span, but the whole freewheel did.

Basically, try screwing it on. Take your bike outside, and standing by your bike, just stamp on the leading pedal really hard. If it slips, you're screwed. If not, you're not. Glue or whatever probably won't really help. First off, it'll be a whore to get on with any epoxy resin or whatever on there, but also it just won't be able to do much to stop it spinning really. Not to mention if you have a problem with it you won't be able to get it off.

But yeah, just bosh it on and see if it spins when you mash the pedal down, I guess...

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