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well i tried boshing together a server, i thought it might be a bit of a laugh if all the trials forum guys who had counter strike source could play in the same place.

Its called .:trials-forum:. and its i.p. address is if thats a bit more help to anyone.

Just out of curiosity though will this thing stay online only for when i have my computer on or will it be up and running forever?

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but someone just joined it when i was testing it then left once they realised there was only me in there on my lonesome :lol::$

my nice computer thing told me this

Connection to Steam servers successful.

Executing dedicated server config file

Error: Material "particle/smokestack" : proxy "ParticleSphereProxy" not found!

Error: Material "sprites/glow_test01" : proxy "lampbeam" not found!

Summary: 964 resources total 29.57 Mb, 11.02 % of capacity

couldn't exec server.cfg

Client krisboats: trials rider [FBM] connected (

Client -=AoD=- Squirrel on Crack connected (

Dropped -=AoD=- Squirrel on Crack from server

Reason: Disconnect by user.

that might mean more to you than my unknowledgable explanations :(

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