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What Does Water Taste Like?


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Water is bland when compared to other drinks.

But for some person living on Mars, orange juice could be the norm and be described as bland when compared to water.

Haha. dont think theres many oranges on mars myself

hahahaha, you two are both fu<king stupid..... everyone knows that nobody lives on mars..... jupiters where its at B)

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But surely water is the root of most/every drink?

And you could say bland, refreshing, moist as some one stated but how can you describle bland, refreshing and moist you could go on for ever?

lol, they were only jokey disciptions really. because that was all that sprung to mind :P

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bland, refreshing, moist? :lol::lol::lol:

Just like your Mum. Bur hur hur.

Anyway, yeah, it's the same as asking how to describe anything. The only way you can describe it is to use references to it, but with something like...erm...turkey, you could go "Hmm, sorta tastes like chicken", but with water, it's pretty unique.

Evian for the win 'n' all that though. Tasty tasty.

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