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Song From Channel 4's Goodwill Hunting Ad


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Title pretty much says it all - it plays in the background of the ad for Goddwill Hunting, kinda piano/orchestral. I'm sure I've got it somehwere on my comp but really can't remeber what it's called and it's starting to piss me off...

Think it have been on another advert aswell (could have been the movie 'Crash'???)

Anyway yeah any help would be great, cheers (Y)


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Aaaaah yeah I remeber now! Thank you SO much, that really has been irritating me for ages.

Can't believe I didn't recognize the awesomeness of Sigur Ros! Obivously hiding away somewhere in my huge mess of music folders.

Thanks again mate :D

(Oh yeah, the track is Hoppipolla (Y))


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