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Donnys Old Revel?


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then i was in his way and he gave me a really dirty look cause i looked like a chav

Or could it have been 'cos you were in his bloody way? Stop being such a f**king victim :P

That is his Revell, Danny. Think it's different now though, isn't it? I seem to remember seeing him in a video somewhere and it not being red, anyway...

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Are these too old? Is that even Chris Donney hehe?

those pics are very old. they are of the first proto model that was not released.

Yer im after the black one.

i am actually now using that black frame as pictured above in the pics posted by you and sam.

however i do not have any close up pics of just the frame.

what was it you were actually interested in dave, as i may be able to help out. (Y)


IPB Image

IPB Image

george riding the frame when he had it - vvv

IPB Image

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i want one and i wanna know his spec.

well i'm selling one he used very little. he got it resprayed yellow by revell as a spare frame but wants it gone. £180 ono. get back to me if interested. he used it at nass this year and for about two comps. very good condition as hes a proper smooth rider and has had just a couple of hours riding

basically spec is koxx and tryall parts.

fsa stem

azonic double wall bars

mainly koxx/tryall though

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