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Here is one of my favourite clips. Its a nice sized wheelswap at one of my favourite local spots. I dont know what I like about it, mainly the angle that its filmed at and how it looks on the video. Anyways;


Quicktime, 24 secs.

Hope you like.


Another one

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Ah cool, a chance to upload some lil clips of me! Not really my best but are ok, trying to be modest, the quality aint that good but its only a lil digi cam! (N)

From Chelmsford ride months ago:

Steve Tap

Me bump

Steve Front to back

Steve Manual

From Brentwood Demo, ages ago:

Demo 005 (me on onza rig)

Demo 003 (Dan Wheeler 270 off onza rig)




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I still hate that damned front wheel bounch thing you do no matter how many times I see it :P

Nice clip though (Y)

Hehe, i remember you moaning. :-

Its not too bad on that clip, you want to see it now, its got worse! I nearly rim the front when i do my little bounce. :$

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Rather old but one of my favorite little clips, would have been nice if I had my stealth hub for this one...

Rider : Me

Camera man : Stephen Morris

Right Click

Andy P (Y)

that was loverly...

and reminds me of my fave clip - probs one of the best rides i ever went on ....

taken from rodriguez' (spells badly ?) london boom ride

TVI....movie_0001 or similar

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