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Few Questions Trials Related


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Right i have a minoura bike workstand the £80 one in at a lot of halfords stores.

Anyway my brother undid the clamp on it too much and something has f**ked up soo it wont clamp and wont return.

theres a groove on the threaded axle that looks like a circlip washer or the likes would sit on there to prevent it from sliding off as it does now, but i dont see how that would be strong enough :(

anyway if anyone knows how to maintain them or where to get pares for them or any ideas etc please post up.

i've searched the internet and can only find sales for them :(

Also can anyone find me a pair of internal spring circlip pliers that WILL fit a hope c clip inside the mini lever.

i bought a set and to my dissapointment no luck :(

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