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Ps2 To Pc?

Trials boy Joe

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Ps2 To Pc?, Need some help lads!

did you know there is a program to convert you own Films/videos ect to the PSP format.

A friend of mine has it, I can get the name if you want.

He downloaded the program, and put a couple films and a series on it.

Better than paying for films ect on PSP discs


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If you have a slimline you need to send off for your network access disk from Sony (should be with manual etc)

If you have a old fat one you need to find a place that still sells Network adapters.

You need an ethernet cable and a broadband internet connection but online play is free.

Any more questions post again,


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Hey all,

I am really wanting to plug my ps2 into my computer and play some online games on it but am not to sure how to set everything up, so if someone could please point me in the right direction i would be very appreciative (Y)

Thanks for your time

Joe :)

That's why I asked if you had the stuff...

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