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Chain Problems


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righty :)

chain problems,

KHE collapse chain, echo fixed 16tooth cog up front, king hub on back with 14th surly cog. and my mech is a 105, wiht only one jockey wheel (bottom)

problem :

while riding around my chain constantly skips, i can ride if im only doing power stuff (without runups) but anything that requires run up = taps, hooks, etc i cant do them because of the chain skipping.

chain is brand new this week, fixed cog has been run for about 3-4weeks, with a kool chain on, surly cog is about 2 months old, and i really cant see where the problem is. its definately not my chain line, this is near straight.

meh any ideas would be good



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Your chain might have streched, but I doubt it. Your cogs might be too thin for the fat chain, but then again, I doubt it. If it skips on a regular basis (as in once every five seconds) then look out for stiff links. Maybe your cogs have worn a lot in the last 2 - 4 months and the chain hasn't "bedded in" yet. I think I had exactly the same thing happen to me though, It turned out to be caused by the chain being a bit slack, so take a look at that first ^_^ , and if it's none of the above then I have no clue :huh: .

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Yeh my King Kog on King hub with Sora mech and Kool fat chain did the same, to be honest f**k knows what cured it, but i changed my chain and rear mech and that sorted it.

Have a play around with your chainline, and your rear jockey wheel.

A new/straight mech hanger may do the trick, to.

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cheers for the hints guys, ill try them all, to mr wood. i would rather keep the KHE chain mainly because i snapped a KMC cool last week, and it hurt. so strongest other chain is KHE. may even try a cool chain again.

ME too!! I, just the other week snapped a KMC, and so forked out for a KHE collapse jobby! and its proved extremely strong! and looks huge!

But anyway back to the point.... i also have serious problems with chain skippage, and it sounds like we;re on the same level, mine too just skips when i'm pedalling herd up to something, but 9/10 only skips on that last important revolution. Mine doesnt skip when gaphoping, or staticy hoppy hoppy stuff!

I have replaced chainring, cog, chain and derailier to find it all the same :( But, recently have (i think) discovered the problem, and thats chain tension! If my chain isnt super tight, the chain skips over the teeth on the rear cog, then skipping.... If i run my mech locked out (ive got two wheels on it), then crank it as far away from the frame as poss.... increasing chain tension, its fine - and it doesnt skip! Only had this going for several rides ok, so theres a chance im wrong...

that might help anyway..... (and it keeps your bike nice and queit:P)

andy :turned:

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Check your freehub body, im pretty sure that if it's damaged (due to running single speed single cog) this causes skipping - and feels a lot like chain skip.

When i say damage, it's where the single cog has bitten in to the freehub body.

Check it out (Y)

Also i'm guessing you have checked every tooth on the front and rear to make sure none are damaged? Another thing to check is that your chain is perfectly straight (not chain line but the actual chain, not twisted) and that there are no tight spots.

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hey all, thought i would give an update


here was my solution,

put a KMC back on, put second jockey wheel back on, adjusted chain line, and seems to be fine. Although im sure now it would run fine with the KHE As well.

problems i noticed were that surly cog has much longer teeth than standard, chain should wrap further round the cog on its cycle (pardon the pun) and then less likely to pull against, teeth, hard to discribe.

running one cog with a tight chain was difficult, so putting two cogs on seemed to help situation.

meh its all sorted :)

also sam, the SURLY cog has a wide base same as a king cog, so shouldnt and hasnt caused any freehub damage, cheers for all the help guys



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Exactly what I thought it would be.

Just the bottom wheel on your mech would have given next to no chain wrap. The second jockey wheel's increased the wrap by a lot, which has sorted it (Y) The KHE would work fine like that no doubt.


:P well mr read :P

nah, it was sorted, ill try the KHE again soon, im happy with it now, and if chain snaps ill try KHE. cheers for all the help guys

and MR read, on daves account :P love you both really

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