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Could Someone Photoshop My Bike

Chris Walls

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Hi everyone

I wanted to get some zoo riser bars in green but i wasn't sure what they would look like.

So i was wondering if any of you guys could use your photoshoping skills to put the green zoo bars on my bike, or make my current handlebars the zoo green colour. I did see some pictures of the bars at www.zoobike.com. I don't know if this could be done as i dont have a clue about photoshop.

Help would be much appreciated. :D

Cheers Chris IPB Image

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I was bored so I did it straight away, I could have done alot better but I didnt want to start blending it because that takes a few days to get right. Hope you get the idea, I personally think it looks good with the new riser bars, if you're thinking of buying them, do. (Y)

Zoo riser photoshop

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