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Spoke Lengths - 2005 221ti + Profile Hub...agh.


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Okay, about a month or two ago I bought a secondhand 221ti - nice bike, rides great - however, it was missing one spoke up front (non-disc side, straight laced) before I got going - no problems...or so I thought..

Then once I'd finally got it over here to Italy, I did a 360 static spin & bang...a spoke snapped on the front disc side as I shifted my weight (I'm not a fat knacker, honest...well actually, the pizzas & age will slowly get the better of me if I don't get this bike up & running soon).

I ordered some spokes from cleanbikes...simple enough - to complicate matters, I tried to 180 on my backwheel onto a small tarmac mound &....you guessed it - snapped another spoke, this time drive side on my rear wheel.

So, today my spokes arrived after a delay on the original shipment from Spain, via the UK to here..as you can probably imagine...I thought life was simple, but the fact I changed my order once or twice, and (stupidly) forgot to tell them that my rear wheel was re-built onto a profile hub, means that I am still non the wiser as the spokes I have received are not the correct sizes.

Can anyone help me out here as they need the correct spoke length, I will measure then tonight, but any help in the meantime would be much appreciated.



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