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trials norfolk

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Very unlikely that you would get a new lever. I wouldn't think that parts such as levers would be replaceable on warrenty, especially on trials bikes.

Magura Parts are available on that site, reasonably priced.

Well they are.... just send it back to magura yourself or through the shop you bought it from and tell them what happened to it and they will decide whether to give you a new one or not... i sent mine off and got a new one 3 days later! ^_^



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When I snapped my magura they sent my a whole new hs33 , I had to pay £20 but it`s not bad to say that I got a whole new brake.I got the brake from chainreactioncycles.I`m not sure if it will be the same with where ever you bought yours from or if you got it on the bike.Just give them a ring where ever you got it from and they should be able to sort you one out for free or for a small price. (Y)



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