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Shindigs are ok but you may aswell get v8's there lighter and i think a bit cheaper

V8, are OK, but generally lose pins quite quickly after impact on rocks/walls/rails etc. If you want to go all out, the Atomlabz Aircorps are beautiful pedals for trials, however like most beautiful things, they are rather expensive, at about 60pounds for a set. Other alternatives are the Onza Hogneisiums which are generally alright, or the VP cage pedals which a lot of people seem to be using.


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honesiums and v8's piss pins. aircorps are expensive. v8's bearings are also shite. my pedals that were the same as the shindig(but with FPD written on em instead of shindig) were awesome. so grippy. little maintenance. had them for a year and a bit. then the pedal fell off the spindle. theyre also uber cheap :P

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