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Ok looking around new members chat i dont see mutch topics that are there to help. Just alot of topics asking for it.

So why not make a topic for new trials riders that shows them what tools they need for fixing and mataining there bikes while been out on a ride .Whilst also trying to find the best and most affordable products to do it with.

Im hoping people can add to this topic and show other tools as im sure i will miss some out.As i ride mod am not sure what kind of different tools you need for stock e.g casset tool so stock riders please add to what i miss out.

Here we go

Right first off;

Allen keys : Used to set front and back maguras. Loosen/ tighten rear wheel bolts. And many other purposes on your bike.8mm often sold sepretley this does crank bolts. Around the 6 pound mark from your local bike shop (LBS) look out for park tool.

Pump : preety obvouis. Pump up inertubes handy to get ones with psi measurment showing to get just the right tyre pressure

Puncture kit : Find hole in your tube and cover with patch with glue etc provided. Around 3 pound from LBS

Spoke key: This is used to true front and rear wheels when buckled. As i am no expert you can look up how to use a spoke key on your wheels on the internet around 6 pound from LBS.>> here <<

Magura bleed kit: Allows you to get the best performance from your hs33. You can bleed the brake with water or magura fluid. I belive water gives the pest feel and cheaper to blled with as it comes from the tap.

You can purchase this from magura for £25 or from heat sink for only £5.

Chain tool : Used to shorten or add links to ypour chain to get the right tension around 8 pond from LBS

BB tool : To tighten or extract you bottom bracket around 10 pound from LBS

Crank extracter : Used to take cranks on and off. around 6 pound from LBS

Spanner set : 15 mm used for pedals. 8 mm used to dismantel magura. 10 mm used to tighten chain tensioners. And many other uses. Around 20-30 pound from halfords.

I Hope other people can add to this :ermm:

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CHAIN WHIP - put around you casset to hold in place while you put in the bolt and allen key to lossen it.

TIRE LEAVERS - hook under your tire and drag around rim to get off your tire.

ZIP TIES - not real you tool but very handy for stopping your mech from moving or tieing cables down.

PARK TOOL COG CLEANER - a brush one end and rigid at the other end so you can clean your gear kogs easily and fast.

TOOTH BRUSH - again not a real tool but very good for cleaning things e.g. bb thread.

CONE SPANNERS - spanners a certain size and shape to tighten your cones on your bike.

TRUVATIVE ISIS BB TOOL ( I THINK) - tightens the bolt coil thing on your middleburn so your bash doesnt come loose.

I cant think of anything else at the moment. will try to think of other things.

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Socket set - For all them nuts and bolts quick time removal or tighten.

Tape - For all the bodges you are gonna encounter.

Rags - Allways need a rag to clean up shit or wipe stuff down.

Old tubs like ice cream, butter ect - To hold all them nuts and bolts safe so they arnt lost.

Sand paper/ scotchbrites - Polish stuff up.

Hammer - You allways need to hit somthing

Rubber mallet - For whacking stuff without damaging it.

Drill set - Again for bodges you might need to drill a hole or somthin.

File set - You might need to shape somthin or shave a few mm of somthing.

Tap and die set - If you strip a bolt hole and need to re do it great for your magura's.

Arlildite(sp?) - Excelent metal work glue good for you bodgers.

Pliers - Good for grabbin stuff.

Stanley knife - Cutting down pads, magura hosing.

I think most other stuff been covered im sure some bike mechanics will put a loooong list on here.

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Deoderant, not just cos you smell wonderfull after a few hours of riding but it can clean your bike, especially your rims, plus it takes off tar and blood and it dries off but a rag will help get the thick nastyness off!

Not realy a tool but slime is a beast of substance, i've had the same inertubes in my mtb for a year and not had 2 pump 'em up once cos of punctures haha!

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General tool wise i would invest in alot of park tool stuff...and buy a small tool box/chest of draws to keep it all in, Ive found the kit park to work Alot better. Recently ive bought a park tool -

multi tool, crank arm extractor, casette lock ring remover, and pedal spaner(im sure thats park...cant rember)

But in general its alot better fit around/in the components, Very advisable to pick up some when/as soon as you can. Keeps away all those nasty rounded bolts. Dont be silly thou and buy park tool puncture kits at like 8 quid thou...Abit over the top.

Cheers lads, Good topic


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well cause i work in a bike shop, we only really use park tool, tools,

so when fixing my bike i only ever use park tool equipment and these tools are the daddy of all tools they maybe expensive but they are worth it.

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