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Hans Rey?


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holey cow, sponertastic :oGT BICYCLES, ADIDAS shoes/apparel, LUK clutches, SWATCH watches, Alta Rezia - Eastern Switzerland and Northern Italy Bike & Ski Resort, FOX Racing Shox, Syntace bars and stems, SHIMANO, Mavic wheels, Bell helmets, Maxxis tires and ADIDAS Eyewear

What does he need a clutch on a bike for :unsure::P

Hans has still gota be one of the best known riders in the world.

Anyone heard of Libor karas :D

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know whos lindor karas is he as good as hans rey?

Hans was the first ever biketrials world champion and in the begininng was up there with Ot Pi. He also came up with a lot of the moves and techniques that we take as common practice today (I'm pretty sure he was the first person to use a front tap in comps, and think how many people use those today...). Hes also had more TV appearences and videos than Jenna Jameson, and is probably the most easily recogniseable face in biketrials, and in fact in mountain-biking in general.

Libor Karas was also a world champion in his hayday, and was the designer of possibly the most used trials tyre on the market, the IRC El Gato.

Both amazing riders, and worth checking out if you can find any related media.


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hay thanks guys the site was interesting he is such a legend.


your keeping it so old school. the video with him riding on a plan wing (Y)

there was a big cop show on sky one years a go and hands was in that so cool

some thing blue i think, i'm sure some one on here knows.

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pacific blue?

I love Hans, I remember the first issue of mbuk I bought was him and the marti(y)ns riding california (the video footage of the photoshoot was in chainspotting)

I was just blown away, I went and bought a gt after seeing him ride.

I then saw him at the bike show in 98, I got his autograph and everything (Y)

I have seen vids of him riding in the past and he was doing really hard stuff even by todays standars, but on an xc bike with hardly any modifications....what a ledgend.

nice topic :D

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