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Which Forks Shall I Buy!?!

Gaz M

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well as a few people know i snapped my echo easy forks other day after riding them for 2 weeks and theres not way im getting another set, so im sitting here looking on tartybikes, select etc wondering which forks to buy, i come across zoo's really like them U6 and a one peice steerer so theyll be pretty strong so i think ill get some of those then suddenly realise there disk only, never mind ill get the echo cnc ones similar but abit heavy but theyll never snap, hmm disk only too :blink: ive snapped the echo easy, no more of them, ive snapped the koxx forxx dont want no more of them, im looking for something to use with a magura but everything is disk only <_< im looking for some strong forks prefferably under 850 grams and made from U6 :) any suggestions?

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the echo easy's are the echo team 04's lol its just another name for them, i dont want any xlite forks as ive cracked a pair before :( hate front hooks and front taps, any mroe suggestions?

:$ Ooops, didn't know that... (I'm a beginner on a stock, so this is hardly my area of expertise.)

Echo Lite is what then, spray painted Easy? :P

Viz and BT have fork with Magura mounts (although at least the Viz ones weight more than 850g) I believe, don't know whether they are made of U6 and strong though?

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Best option I reckon is Viz 20" curved forks, they are really really stiff and are available with 4 bolt mounts, £90 for them. Andy Chai and Danny Burton both use them, so best to PM them or something.

Get the new CNC team forks. they look really strong.



:lol: Did you not read anythign above, Echo CNC forks DO NOT come with 4 bolt mounts. I doubt they're that strong anyway, cromo steerer is the way forward I think. Just get Onza Fall Guys or Viz if you want strength with 4 bolt mounts.

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